BizComply Online Compliance Management Tool

Keeping your company in compliance with ongoing state requirements and corporate formalities.

Business Compliance Management with BizComply

$75 /year

As a stand-alone service. This service is included for free with our Registered Agent Service. Already a customer? Log in.

BizComply FAQs

What is BizComply?

BizComply is a web-based application that outlines critical business compliance events, notifies you before these events need to happen, provides access to important forms and houses your company's important information in one convenient location.

Because corporations and limited liability companies (LLCs) face a number of ongoing compliance requirements, such as filing annual reports with and paying any necessary state fees, BizComply is a useful compliance management tool to ensure that you don’t miss any important requirements (which can have serious repercussions and can lead to the loss of the limited liability protection).

View our BizComply demo for an overview of BizComply and its features.

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What does the Alert Manager do?

Alert Manager lets you track important company events and notifies you in advance of those events. Based on the state in which your company is incorporated, and any states in which you are registered to transact business (through a process called foreign qualification), if applicable, the Alert Manager will automatically recognize certain critical dates, such as state annual report due dates, and notify you. You set your notification time frame (for example to be notified 30 days before a due date) and also to which email address(es) the alerts should be sent.

The Alert Manager comes pre-populated with certain common business tasks, but you can add unlimited custom alerts so you never miss what’s important to your particular business.

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What information is stored in the Company Dashboard?

The Company Dashboard provides an at-a-glance overview of important company data, such as:

  • Company name and address(es)
  • State of incorporation
  • Date of incorporation
  • States in which the company is foreign qualified (if applicable)
  • Federal Tax ID (EIN) Number
  • Officer and director (for corporations) or member/manager (for LLCs) names and addresses
  • Registered agent name and address

If you incorporated your business with BizFilings, much of this information will be populated for you.

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What type of forms are included in the Forms Library?

The forms included in the Forms Library are specific to your business type (corporation, LLC, etc.). Categories of forms include:

  • Bylaws (corporations)
  • Director meetings (corporations)
  • Shareholder meetings (corporations)
  • Operating agreements (LLCs)
  • Member/manager meetings (LLCs)
  • Resolutions
  • Annual Reports
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How do I log in to BizComply?

You can log in to your BizComply account by clicking on the "My Account" link that appears to the left of the search box in the top right corner on any page of the BizFilings website.

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