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Small Business Best Practices for the Holiday Season

Small Business Best PracticesThe holiday season is likely to be an important time for your small business. From staffing to marketing to giving back – we have some great small business best practices to help your company shine its brightest this year!

Staff appropriately

It is important to not only take into consideration the fact that you will be doing extra business during the holiday season, but also that your regular employees are going to want time off. Plan ahead of time and set expectations among your existing employees regarding what days they will be required to work.

Reward your staff

Despite it being a stressful time for your business, it is important to take the time to reward your staff so they feel appreciated. Bonuses, holiday parties, time off and gifts are all great ways to give back to your hard working team. Plus, the additional appreciation and perks will help keep your staff’s morale up!

Reward your loyal customers

Take this time to give back to the customers who have been loyal to you all year. Offer special deals or previews, which will help your frequent customers feel valued and may lead to additional business through referrals!

Utilize social media

Take advantage of your Facebook and Twitter pages to not only promote your products or services, but to offer special deals and contests to your followers. Share how your product or service can be the perfect gift this season. Social media is also effective because your followers can share your products and offers with their friends.

Give Back

Take the time to remember what the holidays are really about – giving. Donate to a local charity or non-profit organization to show your business is spreading the holiday cheer! Other small business best practices include having your office collectively donate to charities like Toys for Tots or volunteering at a local soup kitchen. Not only are you giving back to your community, but it is an opportunity for you to promote your business locally!

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  1. GrowthForce says:

    Rewarding your staff around the holidays is definitely a good way to say thanks. Many employees already feel the burden of the holidays and know they are going to be spending money of gifts. Financial incentives are a great way to tell your employees how important they are to you and to help alleviate some of their stress around the holidays.

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