Company Forms CD

Comply with ongoing company formalities easier with customizable forms.

BizFilings' Company Forms CD


Included in our Standard and Complete Incorporation Service packages.

Company Forms CD FAQs

What is the Company Forms CD?

The Company Forms CD provides customizable forms that make complying with corporate, LLC and partnership formalities easy with sample documents, which can be used for required formalities.

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As a corporation, why should I purchase the Company Forms CD?

C corporations and S corporations must follow certain ongoing formalities to keep the corporate entity alive—such as creating bylaws and holding and properly documenting a variety of shareholder and director meetings. The importance of these formalities properly cannot be overstated. Not satisfying these requirements can lead to “piercing the corporate veil” where the business is deemed to have acted more like a sole proprietorship or general partnership than a corporation. When that happens, corporate benefits (such as limited liability protection) can be lost. Unfortunately, all too often these formalities are overlooked or ignored, particularly by small business owners. BizFilings’ Company Forms CD makes complying with corporate formalities easy with sample, customizable templates of the documents corporations typically need to help satisfy these requirements.

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As an limited liability company (LLC), why should I purchase the Company Forms CD?

Once the LLC is created, few business owners realize there is work required to keep their LLC in good standing with the state of incorporation, such as filing annual reports and paying the necessary filing fees. There are also recommended steps for LLCs, such as adopting an operating agreement, holding regular meetings of the members or managers and issuing membership interest. It’s also advisable for LLC owners to have written documentation of the company’s major decisions. BizFilings’ Company Forms CD makes these recommended tasks easy with sample, customizable templates of the documents typically needed.

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As a limited partnership (LP) or limited liability partnership (LLP), why should I purchase the Company Forms CD?

Even though LPs and LLPs do not face the strict ongoing requirements that corporations face, they should still follow certain formalities and keep written documentation of the major decisions. These formalities include creating the partnership agreement, issuing partnership interest and documenting major decisions of the LP or LLP. BizFilings’ Company Forms CD makes these tasks easy with sample, customizable templates of the documents needed to keep good records of the recommended formalities.

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Are the documents on the Company Forms CD easy to customize?

Forms are provided in PDF and Microsoft Word format. The PDF versions are fillable, allowing you to enter the information specific to your company. The Microsoft Word versions can be easily customized to fit your business needs. The CD also includes detailed form descriptions and easy-to-follow instructions.

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What kind of operating system do I need to use the Company Forms CD?

Company Forms CD is compatible with both Windows (Pentium II or later) and Macintosh (G3 or later) operating systems.

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Is the Company Forms CD included in BizFilings' services?

Company Forms CD is included in BizFilings' Standard and Complete Incorporation Service packages for C corporations, S corporations, LLCs, LLPs and LPs. It can also be added to our Basic Incorporation Service package.

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