Compliance Kit & Seal

Necessary items to help your business stay compliant with state formalities.

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As a stand-alone product, or is included with our Standard and Complete Incorporation Service packages.

Compliance Kit and Seal FAQs

What is the Compliance Kit & Seal and what does it include?

A Compliance Kit is a binder with essential items for routine corporation, limited liability company (LLC), limited partnership (LP) or limited liability partnership (LLP) maintenance and administration. The contents of the Compliance Kit & Seal vary slightly by your business type, but include:

  • A binder customized with your company name
  • A corporate/LLC/partnership seal used to stamp documents to signify their authenticity
  • 10 custom stock/membership/partnership certificates to signify ownership in your company
  • A stock/membership/partnership transfer ledger to record changes the number of shares of stock or membership or partnership interest in your company
  • Sample documents, such as minutes, resolutions and bylaws/operating agreement/partnership agreement
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Can I purchase a Compliance Seal separately?

A custom, hand-held seal is included in our Compliance Kit & Seal, but you can purchase it as a stand-alone item ($40) if desired.

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Why would I need a Compliance Seal?

A Compliance Seal for corporations, LLCs or partnerships is often used to stamp or imprint documents to signify them as official company documents. A Compliance Seal is often used when distributing stock, authenticating internal documents or conducting other company business, and may be required when opening a bank account for your company.

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How is the Compliance Seal used?

The Compliance Seal for corporations, LLCs or partnerships is a hand-held embossing tool that you can use to mark your important business documents with your company name, state and year of incorporation to signify their authenticity. Back to Top

Can I purchase Ownership Certificates separately?

Our Compliance Kit & Seal includes 10 customized ownership certificates for your business type, but yes, you can purchase Ownership Certificates separately. See our Ownership Certificates page for more information. Back to Top

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