Compliance Kit & Seal

Necessary items to help your business stay compliant with state formalities.

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As a stand-alone product, or is included with our Standard and Complete Incorporation Service packages.

Compliance Seal FAQs

For what business types does BizFilings have Compliance Seals?

BizFilings sells compliance seals for corporations (including nonprofit corporations), limited liability companies (LLCs), limited liability partnerships (LLPs) and limited partnerships (LPs).

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Do I have to purchase a Compliance Seal by itself?

No, our Compliance Kit & Seal for corporations, LLCs, LLPs and LPs includes a Compliance Seal. We offer stand-alone ordering of the Compliance Seal in case you misplace your seal, need a replacement or never purchased one at the time you incorporated.

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Why would I need a Compliance Seal?

A Compliance Seal is often used to stamp or imprint documents to signify them as official company documents. A Compliance Seal is often used when distributing stock, authenticating internal documents or conducting other company business, and may be required when opening a bank account for your company.

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How is the Compliance Seal used?

The Compliance Seal is a hand-held embossing tool that you can use to mark your important business documents with your company name, state and year of incorporation.

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