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State Name Check FAQs

What is a name check?

A name check is performed by BizFilings in your intended state of incorporation or state of qualification (if you are registering your company to transact business in a state other than your state of incorporation) as an initial step to ensure that your desired company name is available in that state.

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Why is performing a name check an important part of the incorporation process?

If incorporation documents are submitted to the state and the state determines the desired company name cannot be used, the state rejects the incorporation. Performing a name check before submitting incorporation documents typically prevents state rejections, and ultimately speeds the incorporation process. Please note, this is only a preliminary name check. Final approval of the name is granted by the state upon review of your incorporation documents.

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How is the name check completed?

Our experienced name check department contacts the appropriate state department before we send your incorporation or foreign qualification documents to the state. If you purchase our State Name Check as a stand-alone service, we perform the name check after we receive payment on your order.

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How long does a name check take?

With our paid-service, name checks are typically completed within 24 hours (one business day) after we receive payment on your order. With our promotional, free name check service, results may take 7-10 business days due to the high volume of requests.

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What happens if my name is not available?

BizFilings requests two name choices for your company. If both are not available, we will contact you for additional name options. Providing BizFilings with two name options when you place your order not only helps to secure a name choice but also helps eliminate any delay in the processing of your order.

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Can you provide some guidelines for naming my company?

Choose the name of your company carefully. It is very important that you project the image you want for your new company. Legally, the name must not be "deceptively similar" to any existing corporation, limited liability company (LLC), limited partnership (LP), limited liability partnership (LLP) or nonprofit corporation formed in that state and must be "distinguishable on the record" of your state.

Additionally, your name must show your business type. Most states require that the company name be followed by a specific identifier, such as "Corporation", "Incorporated", or an abbreviation such as "Inc." or "Corp." for corporations or "Limited Liability Company" or the abbreviation of LLC for LLCs, "Limited Partnership" or the abbreviation "LP" for limited partnerships or "Limited Liability Partnership" or the abbreviation of "LLP" for limited liability partnerships. These requirements vary by state. Check our state guides for more detail on your state’s requirements. Keep in mind, changing only your company’s identifier (such as from Corporation to Inc.) will not make your name distinguishable.

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In what situations would someone need to order a name check apart from an incorporation service package?

A name check can be useful in other situations such as, prior to filing a name change amendment or before filing a name reservation for a company which you intend to form, but are not yet ready to do so at this time. The following BizFilings services include a preliminary state name check as part of our service fee:

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