Other Amendment Filing Service

Update information included in your incorporation or foreign qualification documents, such as your company’s business purpose.

Other Amendment Filing Service includes:

  • Prep and filing of amendment documents
  • Shipping of the completed documents to you

File an Amendment

$149 home state
$199 out of state
+ state fees

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Changing your company’s information

Anytime you change information included in your company’s Articles of Incorporation or Articles of Organization, you typically need to file an Article of Amendment. BizFilings also offers a Name Amendment Filing Service and a Share Amendment Filing Service.

Why it’s important

The information included in your Articles of Incorporation/Organization or in your Certificate of Authority (if you’ve registered to transact business in other states) is the official information the state has on record for your company. When that information changes, it also needs to be updated with the state.

  • Submitting Articles of Amendment tells the state that the appropriate company representatives have consented to the change. For example, amending the business purpose of a corporation might require consent by the incorporator or the corporation’s directors or shareholders.
  • Approval by the state certifies that your company met state legal requirements and that the information has officially been changed with the state. 

Out of State orders

Amendments for businesses that are not located in your home state are known as Foreign Amendments. Foreign Amendments, require additional documentation by your home state in order to complete the filing. Typically your home state will require a certified copy or certificate of good standing. BizFilings will take care of this requirement.

Key Benefits

Save time and the cost of legal fees when you use BizFilings to prepare and file Articles of Amendment for your company. BizFilings can also help with ongoing compliance requirements.

Business Compliance Requirements and Consequences

Keep in Mind

Not all information included in the incorporation or qualification documents needs an amendment to be updated. For example, some states allow names and addresses of directors (corporations) or members/managers (LLCs) to be updated via the annual report.

Understanding Business Annual Report and Franchise Tax Obligations

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