Ownership Certificates

Provide proof of company ownership with full-sized certificates.

Order Ownership Certificates

$1.25 each

As a stand-alone product—minimum purchase of 20, or 10 are included with our Compliance Kit & Seal.

Indicating ownership in your company

C corporations, S corporations, limited liability companies (LLCs), limited partnerships (LPs) and limited liability partnerships (LLPs) designate ownership by issuing shares of stock, membership interest or partnership interest respectively.

Why it’s important

Businesses issue certificates to shareholders, members or partners in order to provide proof of ownership. This proof is typically provided in the form of a certificate:

  • Stock certificates for corporations
  • Membership certificates for LLCs
  • Partnership certificates for LPs and LLPs

Features & benefits

BizFilings' stock, membership and partnership certificates are:

  • Full-sized (8½ x 11)
  • Numbered
  • Customized with your company’s name

Key Benefits

While BizFilings’ Compliance Kit & Seal includes ownership certificates, often there is a need to purchase more or replacements later in the life of a company. Our stand-alone ordering allows companies to do this at their convenience.

Keep in Mind

Issuing ownership certificates is one of the steps a company should take after its incorporation is complete. This is typically done at an organizational meeting or at an initial meeting of the owners.

Steps to Take After Incorporation

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