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With an emphasis on problem-solving dating back to 1995, BizFilings Business Owner’s Toolkit™ offers more than 3,000 pages of free cost-cutting tips, startup advice and business templates to small business owners and entrepreneurs.

Where did this information come from?

BizFilings Business Owner's Toolkit's small business total know-how is based on the publishing assets of CT Corporation and CCH, Incorporated, both Wolters Kluwer businesses. Since 1913, America's lawyers, accountants, business consultants and regulatory advisers have relied upon the research libraries and software solutions of the country's #1 legal, tax and business publisher to run their professional practices. Now, Toolkit has taken these powerful resources and produced a web site of useful advice and tools geared specifically to the small business owner.

How can all this information be free?

To the small business owner who would use this site, there is absolutely no cost for accessing much of the information or other member services. BizFilings offers this service to help business owners to be successful in their efforts.

What is agenda-free content?

At BizFilings Business Owner's Toolkit, you get nothing but the facts. There is no hidden agenda, no paid-for point-of-view. Our value-neutral content is written with the business owner in mind, not with an eye toward selling anything. BizFilings chooses to be benefactors of the site because it is a trusted source of small business information, which leads to a healthier small business community, more knowledgeable and active in its affairs.

Is it possible to reprint Toolkit articles?

Yes. For permission to reproduce material from BizFilings Business Owner's Toolkit, contact Publisher John Duoba.

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