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Merchants: Chip In or Prepare to Shell Out

October 1, 2015 is the EMV liability-shift date, a game-changing deadline for brick-and-mortar retailers, restauranteurs, and service providers that take credit cards. This means merchants who aren't equipped to accept chip-enabled credit cards will be liable for fraudulent charges.

Federal Court Wants Lower Debit Card Fees for Merchants

The 21-cent swipe fee that bites into your profits each time a customer pays with a debit card will be replaced with a fee that more accurately represents the actual cost of the transaction. A federal district court judge found the calculation of the amount to be fundamentally flawed and vacated the Federal Reserve Board regulations that established it. However, the regulations will remain in effect until a new fee structure can be put into place.

Your Startup’s Financing and Business Entity Choice

A startup’s entity choice and financing options affect other aspects of the business, including its long-term fate. Familiarizing yourself with some differences among various entities should help when talking with your professional advisors about how to set up and finance your business.

Crowdfunding: A Rainbow of Opportunities...With a Pot of Gold at the End

Crowdfunding involves many people contributing toward the funding of a specific project or goal. Because it involves small contributions from a large number of people, it provides a creative alternative to seeking large contributions from only a few sources. People contribute to crowdfunding campaigns for a variety of reasons, such as helping someone achieve a dream or complete a valuable and worthwhile endeavor. This "cash from the crowd" concept has been used to fund projects ranging from artwork to building renovations.

A Look Ahead: Improving Your Books for 2014 Bookkeeping & Reporting

As the new year approaches, take a few simple steps to ensure your bookkeeping practices are up to par.

Using Q3 Numbers to Make Q4 Notable

The end of Q3 is the ideal time to learn where your business stands, whether it’s on target to hit predictions and what common business mistakes you might be making.

Proposed Settlement Could Bring Big Changes to Credit Card Transactions

Now that business owners may be able to charge customers for charging their purchases, entrepreneurs need to evaluate their credit card policies.

Taking the Temperature of Your Small Business’s Financial Health

With the year more than half over, now is the time for a business check-up. Follow these five guidelines to see how your business’ finances check out—and how you can improve them.

SBA 504 Refinance Loan Program Ends Soon

If you are struggling under the terms of your existing commercial mortgage or want an infusion of working capital into your business, the SBA 504 refinancing program might provide the answer you need. But you must act by mid-August if you want to have your paperwork approved before the program ends September 27, 2012.

Is Your Business Accepting Electronic and Mobile Payments?

New smart-tech payment methods are being used more widely by customers and savvy business owners alike--know your options.

Online Financial Tools Can Streamline Your Billing and Payments Processes

Online invoice and payments software for small businesses can reduce the time it takes to get your money in the bank.

How to Weather a Stormy Economy

Although sometimes painful, economic downturns are temporary and provide an opportunity to assess your business's direction.

Paying Yourself a Fair Wage -- Part 1

"Paying Yourself a Fair Wage -- Part I" explains the ins and outs of legally maximizing your owner's draw or salary, while not running afoul of the IRS or damaging your business's cash flow.

Compensating the Business Owner -- Part 2

"Compensating the Business Owner -- Part II" explores the numerous legal and tax-deductible ways a business owner could compensate him- or herself besides the usual salary or owner's draw."

How Do Banks View Your Business?

Interactive web-based tools can help you look at your loan application through the eyes of a banker.

Improving Your Debt Collection Practices

'Improving Your Debt Collection Practices' gives an overview of different methods to use when chasing down debtors and the overdue bills owed to you.

Learn the Basics of Closing Your Books

An overview of the accounting principles and practices that small business owners need to be aware of when preparing financial statements and tax returns, whether done monthly or annually.

Saving on Small Expenses Can Add Up

Watching the bottom line on seemingly minor expenses can add up to big savings over time.

Choosing Financing Sources for Your Business

Financing options available to a small business vary based on the current life cycle of the company--startup, growing, mature, existing and aging.

Keep Your Accounts Receivable From Eating You Alive

'Keep Your Accounts Receivable From Eating You Alive' lists effective tips and practices for extending credit and tightening up your debt collection techniques.

Saving for the Future Is No Free Lunch

I'd Gladly Pay You $105,000 for that Hamburger Today: the difficulties and the realities of retirement saving for small business owners and the importance of getting started in one of the many tax-favored savings plan currently available, such as IRAs.

How Factoring Can Improve Your Small Business Cash Flow

When money gets tight for your small business, a factoring company can help you leverage your unpaid accounts receivable to generate needed cash.

Accepting Credit Cards at Your Business

The step-by-step the process for opening a traditional or non-traditional credit card account for accepting payment from customers, including some tips for getting the best deal.

Solving Serious Cash Flow Shortages

'Solving Serious Cash Flow Shortages' discusses how factoring your accounts receivables can fill in gaps in your cash flow, what you should know before you enter into one of these agreements, and where you can find a factoring company.

Choosing and Using Credit Cards for Alternative Financing

'Choosing and Using Charge Cards for Alternative Financing' reports on the rise in using credit cards, instead of conventional loans, for financing small business ventures and gives tips on understanding the fine print of an issuer's terms and how to find the best deal for you.

Inside Advice on SBA Loan Guarantees

'Inside Advice on SBA Loan Guarantees' discusses the ins and outs of the SBA guaranteed loan program and how to best take advantage of it.

SBA Increases Funding for SBIC's Early Stage Innovation and Social Impact Programs

Finding investors and funding for start-ups and for social impact businesses can be difficult. The Small Business Administration recognizes this and has pledged increased funding in fiscal year 2013 for the Small Business Investment Company's Early Innovation and Social Impact programs.

Need Business Capital? Advertise for Investors

While equity crowdfunding is still in the future, company's needing capital now can begin to explore advertising as a means to reach potential investors.

The Business and Loved Ones Without You? Good Planning Makes Good Sense

Planning should be done not only for tax reasons, but also for nontax reasons. A failure to plan can make a stressful situation even worse for loved ones and family. Getting acquainted with some commonly used documents in estate tax planning can help facilitate discussions with advisors about available options.