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Learn the ins and outs of small business financing.

Topics Consider these when starting your business

  • Getting Financing

    Getting financing covers all facets of the cost of starting and running your business, including estimating money need, debt and equity financing, securing a loan and much more.

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  • Basic Accounting

    Basic accounting discusses the most important aspects of maintaining your companies’ financial records and preparing important financial documents.

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  • Bookkeeping

    Bookkeeping illustrates how to keep records and journals for day-to-day transactions as well as maintaining and adjusting your general ledger.

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  • Cash Flow Management

    Cash flow management provides the basic principles to monitoring your cash flow, differentiating positive cash flow from profit and much more.

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  • Analyzing Your Financial Position

    Analyzing your financial position will reveal the financial health of your business through a series of ratios, margins and more.

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  • Personal Finance

    Personal finance shows how to analyze your current wealth, build your wealth, weigh the pros and cons of investment options and much more.

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