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Office & HR

Office & HR

Make business facility decisions and hire, manage and retain the right people.

Topics Consider these when starting your business

  • Your Workplace

    Your workplace assists you in making business facility decisions including choosing a location, lease vs. buy and more.

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  • Vehicles & Equipment

    Vehicles & equipment provides considerations for equipping your business and the issues involved when using vehicles in your business.

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  • Security & Insurance

    Security & insurance includes information on minimizing risk, the types and amounts of insurance to obtain and more.

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  • Hiring Your Workers

    Hiring workers guides you through the recruiting and hiring process including the complex federal and state laws involved.

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  • Managing the Workplace

    Managing the workplace helps you comply with wage and hour and other employment laws, handle employee benefits, develop workplace policies and more.

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  • Workplace Safety

    Workplace safety includes government safety regulations, OSHA resources, disaster planning and more.

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