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New York State Mandated Health Insurance Coverage

Filed under Managing the Workplace. Fact checked on June 22, 2012.

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Medical insurance benefits that insurers in New York must provide.

  • alcohol/substance abuse
  • ambulatory surgery centers
  • ambulance transportation and services
  • ambulatory cancer treatment
  • anti-psychotic drugs
  • autism
  • birthing center/midwife
  • blood products
  • bone mass measurement
  • breast reconstruction
  • cancer pain medication therapies
  • cervical cancer/HPV screening
  • chemotherapy
  • chiropractor
  • clinical trial (cancer)
  • contraceptives
  • dependent coverage (including newborns, adopted children, grandchildren, noncustodial children or stepchildren, dependent students/adults, disabled dependent adults, domestic partner and civil union)
  • diabetes (self-management and supplies)
  • emergency room service
  • home health care
  • hospice care
  • hormone replacement therapy
  • in vitro fertilization
  • mammography
  • mastectomy (including minimum stay)
  • maternity (including minimum stay)
  • mental health
  • nurse and nurse midwife
  • occupational therapist
  • off-label drug use
  • optometrist
  • orthotics
  • physical therapist
  • prostate cancer screening
  • prosthetics
  • psychotropic drugs
  • second surgical opinion
  • traumatic brain injury speech, physical and occupational therapy
  • well child care

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