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Wage Statement Information Required in Arizona

Filed under Managing the Workplace. Fact checked on May 25, 2012.

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Employers in Arizona must comply with these state requirements relating to wage statements.

In Arizona, employers that use direct deposit programs must provide employees with a statement of earnings for each deposit.

Employers must also provide a list of all fees associated with the use of an electronic account to an employee who receives wages by this method.

Arizona employers may pay wages by payroll cards. The employee must be given a written or electronic statement of earnings and withholding, as well as a list of fees associated with the use of the payroll card and account.

Permissible deductions include those authorized by federal or state law and those for which the employee has given written authorization.

Permissible deductions also include those where there is a reasonable good faith dispute as to the amount of wages due, including the amount of a counterclaim or claim of debt, reimbursement, recoupment or set-off asserted by the employer against the employee.

Under the Protect Arizona Employees' Paychecks From Politics Act, an employer may not deduct payment from an employee's paycheck for political purposes unless the employee annually provides written authorization.

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