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Choosing the "perfect" business name

Whether you’re starting a business or launching a new product/service, coming up with the right company or product name can be difficult. Don’t spend time perfecting your name only to find it’s already taken—a quick online trademark search can save you a lot of time.

Features & benefits

BizFilings' Trademark Explorer is a comprehensive online screening tool that saves you time and legal fees by identifying names, terms and logos already trademarked.  Trademark Explorer has advantages over the free screening tool by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and others, including:

  • Advanced logic. Trademark Explorer uses advanced logic to reduce the number of searches and expertise required to achieve meaningful results.
  • US and State databases. It searches in both the US Federal and US State trademark databases.
  • More detailed results. Initial results are free, but you can purchase a more detailed report for your own use or to share with legal counsel.

Key Benefits

Trademark Explorer™ provides more detailed results than the USPTO’s and other providers’ free search tools, including results from both federal and state databases.

Keep in Mind

Using a name in trade provides common law trademark rights, but those do not offer the same protection as federally registering a trademark.

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