Small Business Whitepapers

BizFilings offers white papers on topics relating to starting and running a small business.

Business Compliance: Are You In or Out? (116k)

For small business owners who address thousands of details each day, a complex issue like regulatory compliance can be overwhelming. A new white paper from BizFilings, "Business Compliance: Are You In or Out?" will provide invaluable insights into compliance issues and may help avoid potential legal hassles down the road.

Naming Your Company, Products, and Slogans: Clearing and Protecting Your Trademark Rights (72k)

Any business – large or small – needs to be careful when choosing names for the company, its products and services, domain names, and any advertising slogans.

Business Licenses: What You Must Know (327k)

Virtually every business must obtain a variety of business licenses, permits and regis trations before opening its doors to the public. And, most licenses must be renewed periodically and updated when any information about the company or the business changes. If the business expands—either to new locations or by offering new products or services—additional permits will be needed. Failure to have the necessary permits can result in fines or even a business shut-down.