Official copy of state-filed documents

Business owners may encounter situations where a Certified Copy of their incorporation documents or qualification documents, if the company has registered to transact business in other states, may be required. Additionally, in our busy lives today, it is relatively easy to lose or misplace important documents. Requesting a Certified Copy provides another true copy of your state-filed documents to keep with your company records.

Why it’s important

A Certified Copy is a true, exact copy of your company’s incorporation or other state-filed document, as issued by the state and is often used for the following purposes:

  • Replace a lost or misplaced original. It’s critical to keep the original of your formation documents or any other state-filed document with your company records. If the originals are ever lost or misplaced, be sure to request a Certified Copy from the state of formation or qualification.
  • Provide additional proof of authenticity. Many states allow for electronic and/or fax filing of documents. Consequently, the state-approved documents may not look “as official” as you think they should (even though they are official). Having a certified copy sometimes makes business owners feel there’s additional proof of authenticity.
  • Open a bank account. A Certified Copy of your company’s formation documents is often needed in order to open a bank account.
  • Foreign qualification. A Certified Copy or a Certificate of Good Standing are typically required in order to register your company to transact business in another state (foreign qualify).

Key Benefits

There is no limit placed by states on when a business owner can request a Certified Copy. Even if you incorporated your business 10+ years ago, you can obtain a Certified Copy of your incorporation documents.


Keep in Mind

For companies which are incorporated in the United States but with owners who do not live in the US, a Certified Copy with gold seal or apostillized copy of the incorporation documents may be required to open a bank account in the owners’ home country. BizFilings can also obtain an Apostille or Certified Copy with gold seal.