Signifying documents as authentic

A company seal is used by C corporationsS corporationslimited liability companies (LLCs)limited partnerships (LPs)limited liability partnerships (LLPs) and nonprofit corporations to stamp/emboss documents to demonstrate their authenticity as official company documents.

Features & benefits

Our hand-held seal is made of metal and will emboss your company name, state of formation and year of formation.

When to use a compliance seal?

Many companies prefer to stamp items such as company contracts, minutes from annual meetings of directors and shareholders (corporations), members/managers (LLCs) or partners (LPs/LLPs), ownership certificates, and company resolutions with the company seal.

A company seal is included in our Compliance Kit & Seal, but also can be purchased as a stand-alone, for example if the original company seal has been either lost or misplaced.

Key Benefits

Credibility is an important quality for any business to convey. Using a company seal on documents on contracts is an easy way to demonstrate to vendors and potential strategic partners that your company is incorporated.


Keep in Mind

Corporations face ongoing requirements, such as holding and properly documenting annual meetings of the directors and shareholders. LLCs, LPs, and LLPs are recommended to also hold annual meetings of members/managers or partners. Stamping the minutes from such meetings provides further authentication of those documents.

Compliance Requirements & Consequences