Regaining your standing with the state

Reinstatement is the process of returning an inactive or non-compliant company to good standing within a state. C corporationsS corporations and limited liability companies (LLCs) face ongoing state formalities, such as annual reports or statements and their associated filing fees, franchise and/or other state taxes. If a company fails to undertake these steps, it risks falling out of “good standing” in a state.

Why it’s important

Companies that are in bad standing long enough risk administrative dissolution or revocation by the state. This should be avoided because when a state administratively dissolves a corporation or LLC or revokes its corporate or LLC status, the benefits of the entity type, such as the limited liability protection provided to owners, are lost.

Features & benefits

Reinstatement requires a company to resolve outstanding business compliance issues and submit necessary forms and fees to the state. BizFilings helps you through the reinstatement process by:

  • Identifying all steps your business must take to become compliant
  • Determining outstanding or overdue fees due to the state
  • Obtaining the forms you must complete as part of reinstatement
  • Auditing your reinstatement forms for common errors prior to submission
  • Submitting your completed reinstatement forms to the appropriate state agencies
  • Notifying you when reinstatement of your company is complete

Key Benefits

Reinstating your business allows you to regain the benefits and advantages of both corporate status and the limited liability protection that comes with it. When you reinstate your business, you will gain the peace of mind that you can enter new contracts and continue running your operations without worrying that your business has an uncertain legal status.

Keep in Mind

After you have taken the steps to reinstate your business to good standing with the state, consider using a compliance management tool to notify you of upcoming compliance events for your corporation or LLC in your state of incorporation, and in your state(s) of qualification, if applicable, so that you can avoid falling out of good standing again.

BizComply Online Compliance Management Tool