Choosing the right business names

Registering a business name is a step that should be given careful consideration. The name helps customers find you, understand what you do and remember your company.

Why business name availability is important

Given the prevalence of online commerce today, business owners are often thinking about a website and a potential website address when they are naming their companies. However, it is important to determine if your desired business name is available to be registered in the state where you wish to incorporate before selecting that domain name. Your desired company name could already be in use in your chosen state of formation.

The business name of a corporation, limited liability company (LLC), limited partnership (LP), limited liability partnership (LLP) or non-profit corporation must be distinguishable on the records of the state government. That means it cannot be substantially similar to business names already in use in that state by another business incorporated or registered to transact business there. If the name is not unique or is already in use, the state will not register the business name and will reject the company’s incorporation documents..

Features & benefits

Features of our State Business Name Check include:

  • Check availability. Before we register a company name, we check for business name availability to ensure that your desired company name is not already taken in the state where you plan to form your business.
  • Two name choices. We ask for you to provide two business names, and if your first choice is not available, we will check your second choice.
  • Notification. We notify you of the results of our search to form your business and register the business name for yourself.

Key Benefits

A state business name check is one step business owners often take as they determine what to name their company before they register a company name. It shows if the desired name is already in use in that state by another business incorporated or registered to transact business there. Other common searches include a domain name search and a trademark registration search.

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Keep in Mind

A name check conducted before the incorporation documents are submitted is considered preliminary. The final determination of business name availability rests with the state, once the state has reviewed your incorporation documents and business purpose.