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Starting a Small Business in Delaware Costs Less

Published on Apr 9, 2009


Most entrepreneurs choose Delaware when starting a small business. Why? Primary reasons include lower incorporation rates and fees.
starting a small business in delawareMore than 60 percent of the Fortune 500 choose to incorporate in Delaware. Why do you ask? Primary reasons include lower business formation and incorporation rates. Small businesses or entrepreneurs, just like these titans of industry, do not have to be physically located in the state of Delaware to take advantage of the lower formation rates. For first time entrepreneurs and small business owners, this promise of lower formation costs is welcome but can still be daunting. For many of us new to starting a small business we simply do not know what the total cost would, or even should, be. Essentially, it's great that we're getting a lower rate, but how low is low? BizFilings has helped to eliminate this final daunting question for entrepreneurs and small business owners. Within seconds you will see how inexpensive starting a small business in Delaware is, and how much less it is to do so with BizFilings. If you're just one step away from starting a small business, check out our incorporation optionstoday.