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A New Store Made for Small Businesses

Published on Jun 10, 2009


The Toolkit Media Group offers a set of books to help current and potential business owners navigate through the steps of running a business.
While there is no shortage of business books from which business owners can choose as they try to navigate the ever changing path of business ownership, there is a set of books from Toolkit Media Group that attack both the broad and more focused elements of having a business. The book Start Run & Grow a Successful Small Business is about as comprehensive as books come. The book discusses everything from whether you’re ready to be an entrepreneur to marketing to managing your finances and human resources issues. There are also books on more specific topics, such as Win Government Contracts for Your Small Business. Trying to understand the process for applying for government contracts? This book breaks a prospect, which seems daunting to many, into 10 easy-to-understand steps. Given the current economic situation, the books Find and Keep Customers for Your Small Business and Small Business Financing: How and Where to Get It can help you look for additional funding sources for your business and think even more creatively about how to bring new customers to your door. The books from the Toolkit Media Group are now available in the new Business Owner’s Toolkit™ Store. There are eight titles currently available. Be sure to check them out. No matter what type of business you have or are considering starting, Toolkit.com and the Toolkit Media Group books are fantastic resources.