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Going Green Without Breaking the Bank?

Published on Aug 27, 2009


Going green can save you money but can you avoid breaking the bank? We review some efficient changes business owners can take to go green.
Can going green actually save your company money? Many small business owners have the perception that greening their company is just so much of an expense it's not something worth looking into. Not so! An April 2009 study done by the National Small Business Association found that out of small companies going green 38% invested in energy efficiency programs in the last 18 months, 13% have invested in alternative energy sources and 6% had purchased or leased hybrid or alternative fuel vehicles in the past 18 months. 18% had given employees incentives to cut back on driving. All these changes have the potential to make a huge impact – potentially lopping $30 billion off the nation's energy bill according to Energy & Security Group, a consulting firm in Virginia. Not to mention the immediate, direct savings most companies see in their own utility bills. Yes, there is an initial investment – that's unavoidable. But, just about every improvement you make qualifies for some sort of rebate now-a-days from either a local source or at a national level. For example, take Lewis Gold, founder and CEO of New York Beverage Wholesalers, in Bronx, N.Y. and his warehouse. Gold mounted a $170,000 solar system on the roof in 2008, but thanks to city and state incentives, paid just $10,000. The system generates 25% of his electricity and saves more than $3,000 a year. At this rate the system will pay for itself in three years. So don't shy away from going green with your business. The savings both in dollars and to the planet easily make up for any initial cost. If you're looking for some help, check out the resources at the Business Owner's Toolkit about Greening Your Business.