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Business Owner's Toolkit Premium Membership Unveiled: Big Services and High Value for Small Businesses

Published on Sep 24, 2009


Check out 'Business Owner's Toolkit Premium Membership Unveiled: Big Services and High Value for Small Businesses' at 'Time to Start Up,' the small business blog by BizFilings.
It's no secret that starting and running a business takes more than a healthy dose of moxie and ingenuity—you need forms, tools and a little guidance along the way doesn't hurt—especially during these challenging economic times. If you're already a member of the Business Owner's Toolkit, a site we sponsor and highly recommend, you know how valuable it is to have business resources online and ready to access whenever you need them. But small business owners today need more than basic services. To compete with bigger businesses they need access to the same kinds of tools and services big companies utilize. The challenge is in being able to afford those services when you're not a big company with deep pockets. The Business Owner's Toolkit Premium Membership is designed to help small business owners meet that challenge. Plain and simple, what the Premium Membership allows you to choose any three of the eight following business tools and services for only $39 a year.
  1. Business Book Library – Pick any three how-to business books on subjects including writing business plans, starting and growing your business and winning government contracts.
  2. Corporate Forms Library – Access 100 forms to help keep your business compliant.
  3. Financial Planning Toolkit – Personal and professional financial planning resources—including comprehensive information, calculators and tools.
  4. Government Forms Library – Access to 40,000 federal and state government forms in an easy to search format.
  5. Legal Forms Library – Access 49 legal forms and guides.
  6. Search Engine Optimization Audit – A customized SEO audit designed to show you how your website can work harder and convert more business.
  7. Toolkit 411—Small Business Assistance – Answers to your unique business questions within two business days from an expert with over 20 years experience.
  8. Toolkit Publicity Pack – A turnkey service that shows you how to draft and distribute an attention grabbing press release.
At the end of your annual membership term, you can keep your same three services or change them as your business needs change. The Premium Membership is designed to help you to meet the biggest challenge small businesses face today: keeping up with the competition while keeping down the cost of doing business. Gain a competitive edge today and check out the Business Owner’s Toolkit Premium Membership.