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The right time to be going green

Published on Oct 8, 2009


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Do you ever wonder if "going green" will take a back seat given the current economy? I do. So I looked into finding the answer to that very question. Turns out the short answer is "no". In fact, it might just be the dead opposite. Right now might just be the perfect time to start "seeing green". Many of the common sense ideas of going green are the exact same tactics small business owners are taking right now to conserve money and resources. For example, many businesses have had to re-think their expenses and how they go to market by coming up with new ways to design, manufacture, and deliver their goods and/or services. Several of the solutions cut out steps or items that are non-essential, thus cutting costs. Most of the time, cutting away the non-essentials helps the planet. We are consuming less, thus creating less waste. That's good for a businesses bottom line too. Even saving money on utilities can be considered "greening your business". You might be turning off the lights and the computers a bit more often to save money without even thinking about the good earth karma you're earning as well. Businesses that rely on transportation - anything from supply chain logistics to driving to a client meeting - are looking for ways to save on gas and vehicle wear and tear. By rethinking the commute or sourcing more locally a business again is double-dipping into the savings and greening combo. All these steps may very well be unintentionally benefitting mother earth, but there is no indication that there will be some massive regression back to the overly expensive and consumptive processes used prior to the recession. So when the economy does pick back up, I think we'll see that the companies who are embracing green tactics now will be in the best place to capitalize on rapid growth and success in the future. For additional information on greening your business, I like The Business Owners Toolkit and Ecopreneurist.