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Make a Referral Week Begins Today

Published on Mar 8, 2010


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Do you have a favorite small business whose product or service has a positive impact on your life? Maybe it’s the drycleaner on the corner who always gets the starch in your shirts just right, the yoga studio that makes sure your poses are always spot on, or your local florist who sends you a reminder the week before your anniversary. Make a Referral Week is your chance to recognize them for making a difference. Make a Referral Week is an entrepreneurial approach to stimulating the small business economy one referred business at a time. The goal for the week is to generate 1000 referred leads to 1000 deserving small businesses in an effort to highlight the impact of a simple action that could blossom into millions of dollars in new business. This week-long event also features daily education programs. The Refer-O-Meter will monitor referrals throughout the week. Be a part of the solution, learn more, and make referrals here.