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Study Reveals Small Business Owners Continue to Batten Down the Hatches

Published on Apr 15, 2010


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The Discover Small Business services recently released their monthly update to their Business Watch Index, which measures the confidence of 750 randomly selected small-business owners based on their answers to six questions. The index is sort of a mini pulse check of the small business environment. In a nut-shell, March saw a decline in the confidence of small businesses, leading to the lowest levels in more than a year. 53% said they feel the economic conditions for their own businesses will get worse in the next 6 months. (Only 37% felt that way in February). In addition, 52% also said they planned to decrease the amount spent on investing in their businesses, 27% said they would make no changes, and only 18% said they plan to increase spending. Tax Relief? Perhaps contributing to the overall feeling that the economy as a whole is getting worse (58% of respondents), is the fact that 72% of small business owners said they were not able to take advantage of any tax breaks for themselves or their business in 2009. This lead to only 24% saying that they expect a refund, whereas 39% said they expect to owe money for their 2009 return. So even though we are beginning to see some sectors of the economy turn-around, it may be a while before this reaches the small business community as a whole. As a small business owner, is your confidence rising or falling?