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What Is The Biggest Career Blunder You Have Ever Made?

Published on May 25, 2010


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career blunderIn a former life, I worked with a woman who accidentally sent an email ABOUT her boss TO her boss. Oops! I hate when that happens. It's a good thing she didn't say anything too incriminating. Unfortunately, there's just no way around being human, and we're bound to make errors in every compartment of our lives. As proven in the following example, some are more extreme than others. Take the one that recently happened at 6pm.com - a sister company to Zappos.com. The Dane Carlson's Business Opportunity weblog reported that 6pm.com's pricing engine capped everything at $49.95 on Friday. While you were most likely snoozing, lucky shoppers we're cashing in on bargains of a lifetime, including GPS systems - regularly priced at $1,000-$1,600 - for you guessed it, $49.95. The hiccup in the system took on a life of its own from midnight until around 6 a.m. PST and cost the company $1.6 million! Do you think the individual(s) behind this career blunder still has a job? If you're a small business owner running a web-based business, what advice can you offer to minimize errors? What is the biggest career blunder you've ever made? What lessons did you learn from it?