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Are You A Social Change Pioneer?

Published on Jun 24, 2010


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social changeWith all of the economic unrest and social turmoil around us, it's so nice to hear about small business owners who are willing to funnel all of their energy into proactively facing problems that affect society. These remarkable individuals know they can't entirely change the world but do recognize they can make a difference one passion at a time. Following are just a few examples of the amazing individuals who walk this earth who have made it their mission to channel their passion into action.
  • Clay Enos, Organic Coffee Cartel, LLC, has committed to selling quality coffee and then using the money for charitable good - specializing in giving back to coffee-related charities.
  • Blake Mycoskie, founder of Toms Shoes, has mastered the art of mixing business with social change.  His company has given away 600,000 pairs of shoes to people all over the world since its birth four years ago.
  • Simon Cardwell, Cheeky Monkey Jewelry LLC, has discovered a way to save items such as circuit boards from computers from being dumped in the landfills. He creates beautiful pieces of jewelry by recycling metals.
There are many factors to weigh when considering starting a caused-based business, but primarily you can't be afraid to face some of society's problems. Do you share the drive, motivation and passion of these companies? Are you able to persuade others to recruit peers in your quest for change?