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Budding Entrepreneurs Aren't Limited to Age

Published on Jul 27, 2010


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veggiesEvery time I turn around, I read or hear some absolutely amazing and inspirational stories in the world of entrepreneurism and small business. The following story is no exception. It's about a third-grader who according to Yahoo!, "inadvertently grew a 40-pound cabbage in her back yard ... she decided to donate it to a local soup kitchen - feeding 275 homeless people in the process. Three years later, the inspired 11-year-old has grown more than 4,000 pounds of veggies for the needy." Her name is Katie Stagliano. Her passion for entrepreneurism sprouted from a third-grade class project when she brought a single cabbage seedling home from school. Discovering her green thumb, Katie nurtured the cabbage, which culminated into the 40-pound monster. She then made the selfless decision to donate it to a local soup kitchen. Being able to feed 275 people with one cabbage inspired her to do more... and she certainly did! Katie started her very own nonprofit with the help of her parents, which is fondly coined Katie's Krops. She now plants gardens specifically dedicated to feeding the needy. She has six right now. Her giving spirit is contagious and has inspired her classmates, her family and other community members to lend helping hands. They all take on the responsibilities of planting and watering. Bonnie Plants in her hometown of Summerville, S.C., donates the seedlings. This young girl has spearheaded a phenomenal effort of providing soup kitchens with over a ton of lettuce, tomatoes and other vegetables.  And her pioneer efforts don't stop there. Katie wants to encourage more kids nationwide to help others. She's holding a contest and offering winners a grant. And Katie herself will come and start each garden.  Visit Katie's Krops for more information. Sometimes it's the young who teach us the lessons. Do you know of any other remarkable young entrepreneurs?