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Seven Tips to Get the Chatter Going on Twitter

Published on Jul 28, 2010


Read our article, 'Seven Tips to Get the Chatter Going on Twitter' at 'Time to Start Up,' the small business blog by BizFilings.
twitterbirdIf you already have your Twitter account up and running, it's time to dive in to spark up some conversation. Here are some helpful hints from the experts at the Social Media Examiner: 1. Publish helpful tips or facts. Bring your useful tips or facts to the table when contributing to the conversation. Link to content on your site for people to read more about your tips. 2. Retweet to acknowledge others. Retweeting other individuals' tweets is a form of acknowledgment. Try to maximize these retweets by adding a comment simultaneously to stir up more conversation. Simply being social is a great way to get people to notice you and begin making connections. Use the "@" symbol and your Twitter handle. Example: @BizFilings 3. Reach out with follow Friday. Follow Friday (#FF) has been around for awhile, but it is still a good way to initiate conversation. 4. Answer other people's tweets.  Respond to other people's tweets when possible. Try to respond to a question, using an authentic voice. Sincerity resonates well with others, and they'll be more likely to respond. 5. Introduce yourself to new followers. Welcome your new followers with a personalized greeting that shows you care about getting to know them better. 6. Let people know when you add them to your Twitter list. Give a nod to people as you add them to your Twitter lists. Everyone enjoys this small sign of recognition. 7. Ask for help. Many other people are also looking to engage in meaningful conversations on Twitter. Make it easy for others to respond to you and tell them what you are looking for. Take a look at the Social Marketing Examiner to learn more about Twitter and its powers in helping small business owners. What has worked with you in using Twitter and other social marketing vehicles to promote your small business?