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Small Business Owners Hit the Books

Published on Aug 12, 2010


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Back-to-SchoolWe're midway through August, and if I were about to start elementary or secondary school, I'd be mourning the fleeting days of summer. My parents, however, we're practically shoving all nine of us out the door. (In fact, I recall a time where we were waiting for a bus that wasn't scheduled to arrive for another two days.) All kidding aside, you may be anticipating the start of the new school year, and may be joining the ranks of other small business owners, who are about to become students as well. ABC News recently ran a story on how small business owners have classes, courses and seminars available to polish skills and keep up with changes in today's fast-paced work environments. The article reveals many options that are available for entrepreneurs, small business owners and business veterans looking to brush up on basics or advance their areas of knowledge, including:
  • Colleges, universities, technical colleges
  • Chambers of Commerce and trade groups
  • Small Business Development Centers (SBDCs)
Colleges, universities, technical colleges The good news is that location does not hinder your desire to advance your education or training. There are many online courses available to match your preferences. Your local colleges, universities and technical colleges also cater to adult education with flexible scheduling. Certification and continuing education courses are also designed to help small business owners achieve goals with minimal time investments. Chambers of Commerce and trade groups It is an advantage for small business owners to join the local chamber of commerce for networking purposes. And, ABC News cites that, "joining a chamber of commerce or trade group can give owners an opportunity to take courses and seminars at little or no cost." Consider joining trade groups, like the American Marketing Association or the Public Relations Society of America, if you're interested in maximizing learning opportunities available. SBDCs Sponsored by the Small Business Administration, SBDCs are located throughout the country. The SBDC is very active in sponsoring workshops on starting a business, handling company finances and writing a business plan. Entrepreneurs can also benefit from online study courses in management, marketing and finance. Visit www.sba.gov/training/index.html to learn more. Are any of you gearing up for school this fall? What areas of study are you looking to pursue? Are there other resources you'd like to share with small business owners looking to take some classes?