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The New Breakfast Club

Published on Aug 17, 2010


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breakfastclubOk, I'm a child of the 80s and the iconic John Hughes movie The Breakfast Club was one of my favorites. In essence this movie was about a group of teenagers from different perceived social cliques forced together due to their mutually shared detention. In the end, they realize that they're not so different after all. Now fast forward to today, and well, reality (life isn't a movie after all). Small business owners around the country are forming Breakfast Clubs of their own. In a sense they replicate the movie in that business owners from all different sectors are getting together to share ideas, connections and strategy. In the end they all find out that even though they come from very different businesses, their pain points are often the same. Take for instance the one in New York found on meetup.com. They meet monthly to network and cover everything from acquiring customers to finding money to social media. They also have guest speakers every so often. Or, maybe you could set up a few small business training sessions over breakfast as this company did in Atlanta. This trend lends itself especially well to the small business owner working out of his/her own home. It's nice to be able to have access to a more public and social business outlet. Stop into any cafe in the morning and you'll likely see a variety of professionals also out for breakfast – some with interviews, others with sales calls, others were with colleagues. With the usual hectic day of many small business owners, breakfast is a great time to squeeze in some networking and learning. To find out if there are any Breakfast Clubs in your area (the non-detention kind) you can visit meetup.com and search in your home town. Or, why not start one of your own? What do you think about the breakfast networking idea? Good? Not practical? Would you start one in your area?