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3 Traits a Spider and an Entrepreneur Have in Common

Published on Sep 1, 2010


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spider No need to offend any insect lovers out there. But I am certainly not one of them. One of those hairy spiders has chosen my Mini Cooper as his new home. Every day he builds a web on my outside driver's side mirror, and every day, I knock it down. He has survived several power washings and rains. I've only seen him once, but he is determined to call my mirror "home." The amazing thing  is that he is not discouraged by my attempts to destroy his webs. He continues to build more intricate ones each time. He really is just like an entrepreneur. Think I've finally lost it? You'll see the connection. Here are three traits this little creature and perhaps you have in common: 1. Passion. Even though he could pick up and move to another vehicle or find a more appropriate place to set up shop, he is passionate about my Mini Cooper. (But then again, so am I.) He is also doing what he enjoys, spinning a web. Entrepreneurs also possess a passion that drives them to get out of bed every day, strongly believing in their product or service. 2. Resilience. Recognizing there are going to be difficult times, you need to be resilient. That spider is not discouraged by my daily destruction. 3. Willingness to Work Hard. That spider surely has a vision of what it hopes to accomplish - and if it's to make me aggravated, mission accomplished! Entrepreneurs need to be dedicated to planning and execution to achieve their goals. Take a look at some of these articles for more information in helping you decide if self-employment or entrepreneurism is for you: http://www.entrepreneur.com/homebasedbiz/article200730.html http://boss.blogs.nytimes.com/2010/08/31/top-10-reasons-for-entrepreneurial-success/?ref=smallbusiness What other traits would you add to any of these lists in working toward success as an entrepreneur?