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Attention Small Business Owners: Do You Want to Hear Some Good Things for a Change?

Published on Sep 7, 2010


Read our article, 'Attention Small Business Owners: Do You Want to Hear Some Good Things for a Change?' at 'Time to Start Up,' the small business blog by BizFilings.
nice-dayYou hear these words every day "recession," "unemployment rate" and "job loss."  Want to hear some good things for a change? Here are some highlights that contain some good news tidbits and helpful hints for small business owners. Coming  Soon: More Business Tax Breaks The Associated Press just revealed that, "President Obama will call on Congress to pass new tax breaks that would allow businesses to write off 100 percent of their new capital investments through 2011, the latest in a series of proposals the White House is rolling out in hopes of jump-starting economic growth ahead of the November elections ... Several million people and 1.5 million businesses would benefit from the tax break" - according to an administration official.  The president will underline the proposal - that would benefit several million people and 1.5 million businesses - during a speech on the economy in Cleveland tomorrow, Wednesday, Sept. 8. New Options to Turn to for Small Business Loans If you've been turned down for getting a loan from the bank, well-respected speaker, author, tax and business attorney, Barbara Weltman, offers these online borrowing alternatives:
  • Biz2Credit - No charge for posting a loan request.
  • BoeFly - The cost is $465 to post a loan request.
Educate Yourself for Free There is a Silver Lining The dark cloud of doom doesn't hang over every aspect of America's economy. Check out this CNN Money article: 4 surprise bright spots in the economy. Please feel free to share any other good news or tips you might have for our small business community.