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Where Would You Be Without the Gift of Being Able to Read?

Published on Sep 8, 2010


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Just yesterday I donated two bags of books to a local bookstore - not even realizing today, September 8, 2010, has been declared World Literacy Day by the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). I'd like you to join me in drawing awareness to this topic that so many of us may not even think about. Here are some facts for you to swallow as presented on UNESCO's website.
  • Today one in five adults is still not  literate
  • Two-thirds of these adults are womenman-reading
  • 67.4 million  children are out of school
  • 796 million adults are lacking minimum literacy skills
As a writer, these statistics are very disturbing to me. How unfortunate to know there are so many individuals walking this earth unable to enjoy the independence, humor, warmth, drama, information, life and promise the written word beholds. It is important to remember that illiteracy is not confined to developing nations. It is indeed a global problem. If you are aware of someone in your community who needs help in learning to read, no matter what age, give him or her this gift. Visit the National Institute for Literacy website for a directory of literacy programs for adults and children. Lend a helping hand in opening a whole new world of empowerment and independence for someone. After all, isn't that what entrepreneurism is about?