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What You Should Always Keep in Mind When Running a Business

Published on Oct 21, 2010


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customerAs with most consumers, the harsh cold of these economic times has taught us to really noodle over what we want to spend our coins on. Vacation or staycation? Starbucks or instant coffee? You get the picture. And like most of us, you live the picture. So instead of sitting around bundled up waiting for relief to come, you should be sitting around thinking about someone else. That's right.  Your customer. The key to getting consumers to pry open their wallets today is to really focus on their needs. The simplest premise but too often forgotten! Richard Denny, a business-development adviser, is spot on.  He was quoted in The Times Literary Supplement, as saying, "would-be entrepreneurs should make the customer absolutely central to their business idea - something that sounds obvious but which people rarely do. Most people who start businesses do so because they fall in love with a new product or invention. They don't reverse what to thinking whether a customer would really like it. Would they buy it, what is their interest, how are they going to benefit from it? In every business you must start with the philosophy of being customer-led but sales-driven. People have this belief that good products sell themselves. They don't. I have never once seen a good product sell itself." How do you go above and beyond in pleasing the customer in your small business? What other advice would you give to small business owners mulling over a new idea?