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Seize the Day: National Entrepreneurs' Day is November 19

Published on Nov 18, 2010


Read our article, 'Seize the Day: National Entrepreneurs' Day is November 19' at 'Time to Start Up,' the small business blog by BizFilings.
standoutOfficially President Obama proclaimed Nov. 14-20, 2010, as National Entrepreneurship Week with tomorrow, Nov. 19, designated as National Entrepreneurs' Day. This week also coincides with Global Entrepreneurship Week (Nov. 15-21). According to this Presidential Proclamation, National Entrepreneurship Week is the time "we renew our commitment to supporting the entrepreneurs who power the engine of our Nation's economy. These intrepid individuals translate their vision into products and services that keep America strong and competitive on a global scale, and build opportunity and prosperity across our country." And guess who ignited an aggressive social media campaign for National Entrepreneurs' Day? Why it was two young entrepreneurs of course. According to www.BNet.com, the two enterprising entrepreneurs that started the buzz are David Hauser and Siamak Taghaddos of the Grasshopper Group. It seems "they felt strongly that the only people who are going to turn around the economy and really create jobs are entrepreneurs." A Twitter petition started by the pair snowballed into a campaign that even the Kauffman Foundation heard about. Jonathan Kay, Ambassador of Buzz at Grasshopper, was quoted in the BNet.com article as saying, "It's the first-ever Twitter petition to the first president on Twitter. We got so much buzz and excitement around what we were doing." The petition enticed influential business owners like Peter Shankman of HARO and Matt Mullenweg of WordPress to lend their signatures to the cause. And more importantly, the petition drew the attention of President Obama. See? Social marketing really does work! The Grasshopper team, which by the way sells virtual phone systems and other services to entrepreneurs, offered these suggestions to cease National Entrepreneurs' Day:
  • Thank. I'm sure you know at least one entrepreneur you can pat on the back. Express gratitude to these entrepreneurs for their leaving a footprint on our economy. If you are a small business owner yourself, extend a thank you to the individuals who supported you.
  • Teach. I've been fortunate in my career to have some pretty powerful mentors. I'm sure you have had one or two yourself. So return the favor. Share your knowledge with another budding entrepreneur.
  • Give.  Donate your time or money to help support an entrepreneur who needs it. The Grasshopper team recommends Kiva, an organization that promotes microlending.
How will you honor National Entrepreneurs' Day?