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Foursquare Moves Forward with New California Office

Published on Nov 29, 2010


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As the most recent social media craze to hit the web, Foursquare represents the iconic startup dream. In August of 2009, the then five-month-old location-based social network employed only five people and boasted less than 100,000 users. Today, the company employs 35 people, and just this week announced it had hit 4.5 million users. To add to the network's growing hype came the announcement of plans for a new, permanent office in San Francisco - evoking comparisons of a similar move for the New York City-based firm to that of Facebook, which in 2004 moved from Boston to Palo Alto. "To help attract the best talent in the world, we decided it’s time to open an outpost in San Francisco," explained the company in a statement. "We’ve been working out of the Square office for some time now ... and they’ve been nice enough to free up more room for us to hire a full team of West Coast engineers." Foursquare's emerging enterprise is yet to be proven a fad or a sensation, but signs indicate that it is not fading anytime soon. Nonetheless, starting a business can be very difficult and deciding where to launch it is no simple task. Social entrepreneurs, in particular, should heavily consider their chosen state's business environment before forging ahead with a move.