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Marketing Firm Holds 'Weekend of Love' to Provide Free Services for Nonprofit Groups

Published on Nov 30, 2010


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Imc2, a marketing firm with big-name clients such as M&Ms, Diet Coke and Samsung, is no stranger to philanthropy and helping nonprofit startups get on their feet. Recently, the Dallas, Texas-based agency held its "Weekend of Love" event during which the company donated top-notch consulting and marketing services to various nonprofit causes and projects. This year, the seven chosen nonprofits shared $425,000 worth of services ranging from graphic design projects to social media campaigns to general marketing consulting. "We have project managers, designers, writers and strategists who work together to do incredible things," says Doug Levy, chief executive and founder of the 275-person agency. "Why not use the same resources, skills, energy and passion to support nonprofits that we care about? It makes our people feel great." Imc2, which also has offices in New York City and Philadelphia, has been holding the "Weekend of Love" event every six months since its launch in June 2009. The program is volunteer-based for employees and has delivered a total of $875,000 worth of marketing services to a wide range of nonprofit causes such as the National Celiac Awareness Foundation and various neighborhood revitalization efforts.