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New York City Tech Startups Beginning to Compete with Silicon Valley

Published on Dec 17, 2010


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The New York City tech scene is beginning to give Silicon Valley a run for its money, as big-name startups such as Tumblr, Etsy, Foursquare and Intent Media begin to give new meaning to the phrase "Silicon Alley." The scene has blossomed so much that several big-name California firms such as Google are setting up presences in the Big Apple. Recently, Google purchased a massive high-tech building in Chelsea for $2 billion. Facebook has also been recruiting talent from the "City That Never Sleeps." Other recruiters are looking toward the west coast to bring promising young engineers and programmers back east to help web entrepreneurs forming a company. "We are specifically looking for all of those graduates from the top east coast universities over the past five to eight years who had to go to the west coast to get a great job at a great startup," Dave Carvajal, founder of Dave Partners - a headhunting firm that brings Silicon Valley talent to New York - told Wired magazine. "We're going to bring them back home." The city has also begun to promote a culture of entrepreneurship, with a series of recent startup incubators launched by the Bloomberg administration, as well as policies that strike a balance between fiscal responsibility and smarter regulations - measures Mayor Michael Bloomberg has credited as generating 55,000 private sector jobs since October.