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Key Small Business Predictions for 2011

Published on Jan 4, 2011


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A number of key projections show 2011 will be a year of small business growth, as owner confidence is anticipated to improve throughout the year alongside greater access to credit and heightened consumer confidence, among other prospects. While the economy is not expected to fully recover over the next year, it is expected to continue its climb out of the recession's ditch, with high unemployment rates lagging farthest behind. Writing in The Street, Jonathan Blum predicts that 2011 will spell a number of crucial changes - for good or for ill - for American small businesses. In four central predictions, Blum anticipates that ultra-fast 4G mobile networks will mitigate the dominance of leading broadband data providers. He also predicts the advent and ubiquity of free accounting software, alleviating a substantial financial burden. Third, Blum foresees the growth of free, online legal services. The trend has already begun with legal bloggers and websites such as RocketLawyer.com. Finally, Blum projects the growing influence of ... robots. "Already machines that think play a large role in many enterprises," he writes. "For example, by most accounts, 80 percent of the financial market trading on such places as the New York Stock Exchange and the Nasdaq are done by machines. And this intelligence is quickly filtering down to small businesses."