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Pushes for Renewable Energy Policies Addressed with New Year

Published on Jan 5, 2011


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The American southwest may turn out to be a hub of green energy innovation and entrepreneurship, as the new year has brought renewed vows on energy policy from the region's leaders. In Arizona, newly elected governor Janice Brewer has pledged to develop a solar industry to become "the envy of the world," according to the Solar Home & Business Journal. Meanwhile, recently inaugurated California governor Jerry Brown has vowed to continue the state's push toward a 33 percent renewable energy market by 2020, providing substantial incentives to green tech entrepreneurs forming a corporation in the Golden State. "As Californians we can be proud that our state leads the rest of the country in our commitment to new forms of energy and energy efficiency," the governor said in his inaugural address. "I have set a goal of 20,000 megawatts of renewable energy by 2020 and I intend to meet it by the appointments I make and the actions they take." However, New Mexico is dealing with a more divided approach toward its renewable energy policy. While the state legislature has been pushing for a cap-and-trade program similar to that of California's, newly elected governor Susana Martinez has promised to oppose such efforts, asserting the move will harm business growth and job creation.