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The Role of Print Marketing for Restaurant Startups

Published on Jan 19, 2011


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Forming a company is an intimidating process, especially for early-stage startups and first-time entrepreneurs. But, particularly for a restaurant startup, print advertising and marketing may be the most appropriate course of action when developing a marketing initiative. While it should be used in conjunction with email, search, mobile and other mediums, print can offer a restaurant direct contact with its community through ad placements in local newsletters, direct mail postcards or even flyer hand-outs. Unlike email, which can be deleted before even being viewed, or social media, which can be ignored by an increasingly web-conscious consumer population, print delivers a message with few obstacles between the business and the audience. However, a print advertisement or promotion is useless without good design and copy. Accordingly, startups should consider investing in a professional graphic designer or copywriter.  "Keeping in mind your audience, write several headlines until you come up with a particularly compelling one," suggests Ryan Underwood in Inc. magazine. "Test headlines on your friends and colleagues. Beware of overused words (although 'free' is an oldie but goodie) and any humor that your audience could construe as offensive." Once your restaurant gets on its feet, it may be time to branch out into other mediums such as radio, web search or mobile. One could even argue that print is the stepping stone to larger media.