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Brief Review of CES 2011 for the Small Business Owner

Published on Jan 20, 2011


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This year's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada, offered a peek at the coming wave of technology as it relates to businesses and consumers alike. The pervasive trend at the event, according to John Brandon of Inc. technology magazine, was the coming ubiquity of hyper fast 4G mobile networks, which will allow for downloads, video conferencing and streaming and web back-up services to be conducted at speeds rivaling most DSL connections. More than anything, 4G speeds will provide small business owners and entrepreneurs forming a company with advantages that can place them on par with more established competition. Another trend put on display at the event was how smartphones may come to replace laptop notebooks as consumers and small business owners' go-to computer devices. Terminals with external monitors and keyboards will allow users to plug their phones in anywhere and have access to all the information that they currently hold on their laptops. The show also revealed how the automobile industry is embracing electric cars. Both Ford and Chevy unveiled their own versions of the electric car at CES. "For some entrepreneurs, (the arrival of electric cars) means a new business opportunity - e.g., helping build the infrastructure," writes Brandon. "For others, it could mean investing in a fleet of electrics for delivery as a way to lower startup costs for fuel."