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Small Business Marketing Idea: QR Codes

Published on Jan 25, 2011


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Small businesses have a new marketing tool under their belts, one which many believe may become the critical bridge between the vastly different worlds of print and digital. Quick response codes allow smartphone users to scan codes labeled over print marketing materials and be transmitted to a website, email address or phone number. Perhaps you've seen them--they seem to be popping up everywhere from print ads to direct mail pieces. Entrepreneurs forming a company, in particular, may benefit from these devices, as they are inexpensive to produce and can be placed virtually anywhere. Small retailers, for example, can benefit from placing a QR code in their shop windows in order to intrigue prospective customers during off hours. "One quick scan and you've turned a potential lost sale into an online customer who's going to share a lot more of their contact information with you," writes Rich Brooks for Fast Company. In regards to customer relations and acquisition, businesses should consider offering QR-only promotions or offers. Other companies have launched QR scavenger hunts and contests. T-shirts can take on a new meaning with QR, as business owners can hand out QR-embedded shirts to customers or employees. There really are endless possibilities for QR codes. In determining a marketing strategy for 2011, small business owners should pay strong attention to this rapidly growing marketing technique.