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Tips for Entering the Blossoming Green Energy Market

Published on Feb 22, 2011


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California has introduced legislation that calls for the state to achieve a third of its energy from renewable sources by 2020 - the most ambitious green energy state legislation in the country. However, in his State of the Union address, President Barack Obama called upon the U.S. to achieve 80 percent of its energy from clean sources by 2035. Adding to recent legislative incentives for launching a green tech startup is a number of consumer trends, as the public grows tired of reliance on foreign or dirty energy sources. Accordingly, the emerging clean energy sector is rife with potential - and competition. "With ample grant money and tax incentives up for grabs (not to mention imminent new efficiency requirements), businesses and homeowners are turning to an array of businesses - contractors, landscapers, window and door manufacturers - to install changes," writes Inc. magazine. Mark Holmes - co-founder of Green Wave Energy in Newport Beach, California - told the source that many green energy ventures face lower startup costs, adding that green energy entrepreneurs forming a company should begin by looking into sales, installation and research and development projects so as to possibly sell to a larger manufacturer. There are also many large clean tech conglomerates that are acquiring small enterprises with big ideas - especially in California - making for a lucrative green business sales market.