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Small Businesses and the Evolution of Social Media Marketing

Published on Mar 1, 2011


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Cash-strapped startups and entrepreneurs forming a business have been looking toward social media in recent years to help jump-start their marketing campaigns without having to make any heavy financial investments. Of course, Facebook and Twitter are not reserved for companies with limited means. In fact, a recent study by the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth found 86 percent of businesses view social media as somewhat or very important to their overall marketing strategies. However, that same survey found another, more surprising statistic: More businesses cited online blogging, online video and message boards as more successful marketing tools than any social media platform. Then again, if one were to combine Facebook and Twitter under a single "social media" banner it would dominate the findings. "Most companies should at least be using Facebook, Twitter and a blog in addition to their company websites," writes Chris Marentis for AllBusiness.com. It is true that one of the reasons many small firms are hesitant to adopt a comprehensive social media strategy is a lack of evidence for return on investment. But this is an area where business owners need to do some research themselves, as each company will yield a different result. Utilize social media analytics tools such as Klout, PeerIndex, Twitalyzer and Crowdbooster to gauge the effectiveness of your posts, Tweets and statuses. What social media channels do you use to promote your business?