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Fantasy Sports Company Decides on New Name for New Brand

Published on Mar 22, 2011


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Last year, Fantasy Sports Ventures, a popular sportings news site, considered changing its name. The site's founder, Chris Russo, thought the move would best represent his project's new direction, which was no longer fantasy sports-heavy, but instead, focused more on sporting news and advice. As FSV continued to acquire sporting blogs and other various sports-news-related sites, Russo began meeting with branding firms to establish a name that would best represent his company, Inc. magazine recounts. After rounds of discussions and suggestions, Russo had still not found a suitable name to incorporate online with his website. However, Russo soon realized that he could rebrand the name of popular and recently acquired sports and entertainment blog site The Big Lead. After further discussion and some redesign, Russo and his team had created the Big Lead Sports network, which he felt best represented FSV's new direction and focus. By addressing the name and content, Russo had effectively changed his older website to appeal to a wider audience and avoided pigeon-holing FSV as a fantasy-sports-only website. The importance of a business' name cannot be overstated when attempting to establish a presence and sustain it within a given sector. A company's name is undisputeldy among its most important assets. Do you have an interesting story for how you came up with your company's name?  We'd love to hear it.