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Ensuring a Sustainable Supply Chain

Published on Mar 28, 2011


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As concerns about the environment have mounted in recent years, many companies are finding that adopting green or renewable energy practices are not only socially beneficial, but economically sound as well. The term "sustainability" is thrown around a lot when it comes to environmentally conscious business practices. However, amid the globalizing economy, the term is beginning to broaden, as sustainable practices reflect a businesses need to forge or modify an economically and socially efficient supply chain. "The best way to understand the imperativeness of sustainability is to consider the alternative," Paul Anastas, assistant administrator for the Environmental Protection Agency's Office of Research and Development, told Inc. magazine. "Too often companies have fallen, or been greatly damaged, because of events that have taken place in other parts of their supply chain, not necessarily things in their traditional sphere of control." And as a company grows amid an expanding global economy, it can become increasingly difficult to track the various financial, humanitarian and environmental concerns that run through the supply chain. The solution is not one thing. Businesses and entrepreneurs forming a company need to do research, cut middle men, reduce shipping distances and a range of other tasks to improve the sustainability of their operations.